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LedgerPlus includes all the easy-to-use features you're familiar with in LedgerLite plus a few extras to streamline your bookkeeping processes and make your life easier. LedgerPlus will save you time . . . time you can use more productively . . . and creatively! Where other accounting systems seem to create obstacles in your way or make things more complex LedgerPlus will remove the limits and keep it simple at the same time.

What's Different About LedgerPlus?

LedgerPlus will radically alter the way you view and use accounting software. Instead of simply automating existing manual procedures LedgerPlus has been engineered from the ground up as a complete re-think of how accounting software should work.

With LedgerPlus the standard journals, roll-overs and trial balances have all become things of the past. All LedgerPlus functions (cashbook, invoicing, tax, depreciation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock control, point-of-sale) are seamlessly integrated with each other and with the general ledger.

For example you can enter a sale through the Sales screen and immediately click on the Income Statement screen's Print button to reveal the changes in your bottom line. And if you really want your finger on the pulse you can even watch the Graph screen change dynamically as sales are entered through the point-of-sale POS screen.

But what makes the real difference with LedgerPlus is that this powerful integration is achieved without any compromise to the flexibility of the general ledger whatsoever!

(NOTE: If nothing happens when you click the download link try the right mouse button and select Save link as from the pop-up menu. If you get a message saying it cannot be downloaded securely click on the down-arrow and select Keep or Keep Anyway. If you still have difficulty please see the LedgerLite FAQ page.)

LedgerPlus Features

LedgerPlus includes account summaries, budget comparisons, fixed assets & depreciation, invoicing, stock control, accounts receivable, accounts payable, point-of-sale (POS) and enhanced user-access levels. It also includes the ability to quickly find ledger and cashbook entries, display and print comparative accounting reports, perform automatic tax calculations (GST, VAT, sales tax etc.) and a purge function to remove old data from the database.

If you're looking for a secure reliable accounting system that's easy-to-use, flexible, simple, yet powerful enough to handle unlimited amounts of data or multiple users over a TCP/IP network welcome to LedgerPlus. To get started please see Quick Start.

LedgerPlus has a one-time-only licence fee based on the number of concurrent users. Why settle for second best - download our free 30-day trial now and find out what it means to get your books under control!

Why LedgerPlus is NOT RECOMMENDED by Accountants!

Don't expect LedgerPlus to be recommended by your accountant. Once you understand how LedgerPlus works you won't need an accountant. And why should an accountant recommend a product that will put him out of business?!!

But the main reason is that we don't and won't pay accountants to recommend LedgerPlus. Most accountants recommend leading brands of software because they get an ongoing commission. However we're more interested in providing a permanent solution to your accounting problems than we are in making money!

Old LedgerPlus

Click here to download old LedgerPlus full installation (Version 1.11)

Click here to download old LedgerPlus update (Version 1.15)