Responsive Software Limited

Responsive Software originated in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1991 as a result of my experience in the actuarial consultancy and insurance industries.

Responsive Software began with the sole aim and purpose of developing useful computer software of superior quality. This goal was made possible by the advent of object-oriented techniques in software development. The proper application of these techniques allow me and my clients to create customized software of superior quality.

Normally I do not sell computer software. Instead I sell software development services. The software I develop (including the source code) is owned by my clients. I provide the assistance necessary for my clients to develop their own superior quality software. Included among my clients are a number of software development companies.

Responsive Software Limited has been trading as a privately owned limited liability company in New Zealand since 1998. I have hands-on expertise in the following areas:

Finance - Insurance Systems, Accounting Systems, Actuarial & Financial Calculations
Industry - Electronics Manufacturing, Furniture Manufacturing, Food Distribution, Fish Processing
Communications - Telecommunications, Networking, Client/Server, Internet Technologies
Retail - POS Systems, EFTPOS, Pharmaceutical Dispensing
Education - Teaching, Administration